By April 2021!

Greetings! This website is managed by Mysfit Maven. First,I Am not a ROBOT, I am 100% Human, so if you receive an email or Insta Message inviting you to the group it is actually me. ---------------------------------------------

Why I created this website:

In 2019 I started a Music Promo Channel on YouTube called The Collective. Today I'm inviting Creatives-(you)-Musicians + Artists to join a new creative network in 2021!


"How Do I Join?"


1. Send $1 (Use the link above, Send a dollar, and with your message letting me know you want to join.)
JOIN HERE after reading the requirements.
2. Reach out to me today! Ideally I'd like to get everyone together by April 2021!

3. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram. .....


What You'll Need To Put In Your Message To Me:

Email or Direct message,(D.M) me - Mysfit Maven (@Instagram) with the following information: -----------------------------

1- Your brand name or artist name
2- Your link-url to your music or art and Merchandise -Shop Site.
4- A link to your Instagram,Channel or personal blog-website

No. I only require $1. This is to cover a portion of the {work+expenses} involved,-currently it's just me managing this website for now until I can find investors who will back this endeavor.

So just one measely dollar is all I ask.

$1.00 from each member makes the following possible:

•Hosting;Pays for Server;Host as we grow. •Domains. to make it easier to find,share & bookmark
Thanks for your understanding and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Mysfit Maven- Mys- MysMav- Enah
Mysfit Maven (@Instagram) All Rights Reserved, Mysfit Maven,2020-2021

(Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for joining!)