UPDATE! {JANUARY 11th 2021}

Greetings! This website is managed by Mysfit Maven. I Am not a ROBOT. Thank You. If I send you an email or Insta Message it is actually me. ---------------------------------------------

Why I created this website:

A year or so ago I started something called The Collective. Today I want to bring it back only with your art,music,shops and more YOU! --------------------------------------------


WHO: Be an Artist-Musician-Creator

HOW: Reach out to me. Right Now. Do it now. Use the contact box on this website OR Message me on Instagram and tell me you want to be a part of, .....



Message me - Mysfit Maven (@Instagram) with the following: -----------------------------

1- Your brand name or artist name
2- Your link-url to your music or art and Merchandise -Shop Site.
4- A link to your Instagram or personal blog-website
YES. Due to the work involved with building this. I also require $1 . One measely dollar.
This will help me bring more room to the website- Servers- Host. Domains. to make it BETTER! Thanks for your understanding and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
Mysfit Maven- Mys- MysMav- Enah (Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for joining us!)